A New Year, A New Goal.

This year is off to an extremely busy start with the most snow that the Boise area has seen in over 30 years. Rough calculations state that I have shoveled over 15,000lbs of snow from the driveway so far this winter. My back is killing me, people are crashing into each other like it’s going out of style, it’s been in the low 20’s to -10 degrees for about a month & I’m pretty much over it. There should be about 4 more weeks (I’m hoping) of real winter weather before things start to warm up enough to blessedly end the snow. It’s been so bad that I actually had to use the RDX for about a week (gasp)! 20170106_132436 20170106_132541 20170106_132706 20170106_132738 20170106_184051I am ready to complain about the heat!

So, have you heard about this guy?

Bruce Audley & his 1999 Acura TL in Canada reached 1,000,000 Kilometers as the original owner! Congrats to Bruce! Click the link to read up & see the video. The article at Acura Connected states “To our knowledge, this is the most miles or kilometers an Acura has ever reached.” An awesome achievement to be sure, but I’ll admit that I was disappointed at his statement of the car only being a tool. Technically he’s right, but how can you spend that much time behind the wheel of a car & not have any connection at all?

Obviously I can’t take this laying down. 1,000,000 km = 621,371.192 miles. I’m currently just over 526,000 miles. A difference of about 95,000 miles (about 2 years of driving for me). The gauntlet has been thrown & my TSX is up to the challenge! My new goal is 625,000 miles! The TSX will be king & reign supreme.

Since there is new horizons ahead, I guess I should catch up on the maintenance.




A few months ago I took the TSX in for the 515k oil change & as Chris was pulling it out of his stall, it started to misfire. He found the #2 Coil Pack had failed, which caused the misfire. I had them replace it on the spot & decided to order 3 additional coil packs & replace them 1 at a time to spread out the cost. I figured, if one went out, it’s just a matter of time before the rest go as well. I have one more to go before they are all replaced and there’s one less thing to worry about. Now that I have 625k in my sites, I gotta make sure She’s in tip top shape.

That wraps up this quick update. It’s back to the snow. But at least it provides a fantastic backdrop for photos. So I’ll leave you with some pics from the last month or so.

20161219_111133 20161219_121326 20161221_112108 20161221_114945 20161221_141201 20161221_141223 20170103_125837 20170103_130139 20170103_133038 20170112_124905 20170112_125210 20170113_135548 20170116_122156 20170116_140915 20170120_123925 20170120_142025She’ll be getting a bath soon! Promise!

Stay safe out there!


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To Texas & Back

So here it is. My last post of 2016. I’ve been meaning to give you guys an update for a few weeks now, but we’re actually having a winter. I mean, we’ve had more snow this last week, then we’ve had all winter last year. I’m dutifully shoveling the driveway every time it snows, & I haven’t had to do that in quite a number of winters now.

But first, I promised a recap of my trip to Texas for RV training. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I’m not a huge fan of Texas (It takes forever to drive across & the city freeway systems are insane!) but I was looking forward to the drive. My route included some places I’ve never been before, & some places I haven’t been for a long time.

Here is the route I took…texas-map

It was a long few days on the road, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s always new things to see & new places to explore. Unfortunately, when you crunched for time, you have to hope for something worth seeing along the way. The landscape rarely ceases to disappoint!


20161105_12305420161105_124042I’ve read online that some people believe that these giant rock towers are really ancient giant tree stumps that have petrified. Interesting…20161105_142503


(Hand of God)

On my way thru Albuquerque, New Mexico I met up with Jason of DrivenforDrives fame. Jason is a great guy, & I’m not just saying that because he treated me to some terrific BBQ while I was in town! His blog DrivenforDrives is one of the few blogs I tend to check in on.

The training itself went fine. During the training, we stopped by a local RV dealer to check out some of the New units & see the latest & greatest. But it was this old restored Spartan travel trailer that impressed me!

Before I knew it, I was back on the road again. On the way home thru Amarillo, TX I passed by the Camelot Inn. It’s where my cousin & I stayed during our first road trip across the country when we were mere teenagers. Awe, the memories. Of course, it was pink back then, but I guess it still has a certain charm to it.  20161106_134123On the outskirts of Amarillo, there were tons of huge cotton fields. Most of it had been harvested already by this time. It would have been cool to get to witness the harvesting, but further down the road I saw these ginormous bus size bails of cotton!20161112_11521920161112_115236 I’ve never seen so much cotton in my life!

I was looking forward to seeing the Princess & Little Man again, but first, I wanted to stop & check out the Arches National Park located outside of Moab, UT. I put together a video of the short time I was able to spend driving thru. This is the first time I’ve done this kind of editing on my own before, so there’s a couple screw ups, but you can check it out here…

I enjoyed the 3-4 hours I spent driving around the park. If you’re ever in this area & have some time & $25 for the entry fee, I highly recommend checking it out. It was surreal & unworldly, which is what led me to the music choice for the video. I very much would like to bring the wife & kid down here for a whole day to explore. #bucketlist.

Here’s a few more pics from the trip spanning NM & UT…20161113_07530120161113_07542620161113_10231720161113_10272320161113_10281120161113_103353

The dash cam is already paying off as you could see from the Arches video, but here’s a little bonus for you…

Be safe out there! See you next year!






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LED Interior Light Upgrade & More

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Ft Worth, TX after finishing my RV training for my franchise. I’m happy to report that I passed with a 97% only missing 1 question about bonded RV walls. I was technically right, but it was worded goofy & I got it wrong. I’ll live, I guess.

It occurred to me that I had the afternoon to kill as I’m paid up through tonight (Friday) & I can’t get a refund for tonight (since I booked it through a 3rd party online), so I have the afternoon to kill. So I’m going to work on getting you guys up to speed for a little bit, & then go catch a matinee. The last time I was in a theater was in February.

We’ll start with the headline. I Upgraded the interior lights to LED, & boy howdy do I like them. I can actually see stuff in the car at night now. This comes in handy for people living in the North as the sun sets at about 5pm in the Boise winters. I updated the TSX & some of The Princesses RDX Bulbs as well.20160924_16511620160924_165158

I bought my lights through a company called “Precision LED“. After doing some research, I found these guys had some good reviews, a warranty & installation tools. But more importantly, an instructional How To video.

The How-To video is what sealed the deal for me. These guys took the time to make a pretty professional instructional video, that ensured that: I wouldn’t be breaking crap trying to install the lights, & more importantly to me, saved me the time it would have taken to figure out how to get the lenses out of the way so I wouldn’t break anything.  Especially the courtesy door lights! Great tip!

Not only do they have a good product, they also have excellent customer service. In my TSX kit, the wrong vanity lights were in the kit. I contacted them, explained the situation, sent them a pic of what I needed next to what they sent me. A few days later I got the correct bulbs (at no additional charge or shipping) popped them in & love them. After a very small delay in the overall experience (nobodies perfect & slip ups happen time to time. But it’s how a company handles their slip ups is how I rate a company) I love my new lights & give the company an overall 5-Star rating. They have light kits for all kinds of vehicles, so if you’re in the market for LED’s, check them out.


Before I hit the road for Texas, I decided to get some new tire a little early, just in case. My current set at the time was down to about 2-3/32nds tread. Basically it’s last legs. Since I get asked so often about tires, I decided to let you guys know what I’m running this year…20161026_102822

So far I’m liking them, but the real test will be in the next few months in the rain & snow. These tires had some pretty good ratings on tirerack.com, So we shall see. I’ll try to remember to update on how they did in the spring.


Shout out to “Mo” from Ohio for suggesting the wiper upgrade. I swapped out the regular wiper blades with some off of a 2nd Gen (2014) TSX. They are quieter & I like the way they look much better.  Thanks Mo!

Rainy Day Pics

I had to run out to Bellevue to see a vehicle that hit a deer & I stopped to take a few pics that I thought came out pretty good. Some of these are in my Wallpaper folder now…enjoy.20161028_091437 20161028_091653 20161028_094421 20161028_094519 20161028_123238 20161028_124621 20161028_125008 20161028_131157 20161028_131353

2017 NSX

As most of you know, I’ve been going to Lyle Pearson Acura in Boise for 99% of my needed maintenance. During this time, & I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point it stopped being “Gotta take the car in for service again”, but instead it became going to visit friends. When you have friends at the dealer, when the stars align & something BIG happens, you get a text with no message. Just a single picture that needs no message.

On Nov 1st, 12:25pm, I was texted this one picture from my service manager:img_51191

Needless to say, I dropped my phone trying to hit the call button too fast. After it had gone thru the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process, I was taken for a ride along in this incredible car. It was a lot of Firsts for me. It was the first time I’ve seen one in person, the first time I’ve ridden in a supercar that had a similar value to a house (I’ve been in a Countach & a Ferrari, but never driven or ridden in them). I’ve driven the original NSX & a early model Viper, but this car was almost as enjoyable from even the passenger seat. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually drive it. It would probably scare the hell out of me.20161103_115151

Just in case you didn’t know, Acura actually designed the look of the NSX motor with inspiration from the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future.


I did a quick video of the inside. You’ve likely seen pictures & other videos on the interior. But I just couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to document me being in this car!

I hope everyone is well & appreciate you stopping by. Next post will be the 3,000 miles round trip to Ft, Worth TX for the above mentioned RV Training. Soon you again soon!

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New HD Dash Cam & An Upgrade Under The Hood

20160824_110632AAAAHH! The great outdoors. I absolutely LOVE this time of year! The weather starts to turn cool & crisp. The leaves start to change color. We start to get a little more rain. I just love it!

It’s so nice out, it’s almost worth recording video where ever I go. That’s what got me thinking about dash cams. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen the video footage coming out of Russia with all the Road Rage fights & car crash compilations. If I’m not mistaken, I think that just about every car in Russia has a dash cam. Not because they are mandatory, unless of coarse you want to protect yourself from the crooked police. People think the police out here are bad? If you don’t have video proof of what happened, who knows what could happen over there. That’s what I’m told anyway…

So I thought it might be cool to get one. I think it’s a great idea to have one for multiple reasons. But I had almost no knowledge about them. So off to google & Amazon for some research. It became quickly apparent that I would be getting one as they were well within my financial limitations. I did a little research and decided on the Rexing V1 with a 2.4″ screen. It had all the features that appealed to me & when Mounted up behind the rear view mirror, you don’t even remember it’s there. I made a quick review style video show actual footage & audio from the Rexing V1 itself. You can check it out here…

Sorry if it seems like I’m repeating myself a lot in the video. I shot the footage at different times & I’ve never edited video before. I’m hoping to share more of the interesting things I see while on the road with this new addition. Hopefully nothing too exciting…

I finally got around to doing a little updating under the hood. No, it’s the Stock Life for me. So I didn’t drop a turbo or supercharger in it, or anything of the sort. While I was filming the undercarriage video I noticed how bad the hood insulator looked. While Chris wrapped up my service, I went over to the parts department & ordered a new one with all new clips. 20160917_16024120160917_16075320160917_160708Not pretty at all. Once it was off, it looked better. But not good enough to douse my OCD. So a spray bottle of Simple Green & my scrub brush & a hose down, I went from this…20160917_161200To this…20160917_163121Of course all that cleaning the underside of the hood just transferred the mess to the motor, so I did a quick clean off of the engine bay as well…20160917_164226And the finished product….20160917_164220A little over exposed, but you get the idea. I read that some people put sound deadening pad on the underside of their hoods to keep engine noise down. I admit, I thought about it  for about 10 seconds. But my TSX is already pretty quiet inside, & besides, who doesn’t want to hear when the Vtec kicks in?

Short & sweet guys. The Eagle Eye viewers may have an idea of the next upgrade for the TSX, as it’s in plain sight in the video at the 11:35 mark. It’s visible all around this time.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe weekend & we’ll see you again real soon!dsc06863

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510,000 Mile Undercarriage Walk Around & More

20160706_162256 It’s been over a month since my last update, so it’s over due to let you guys know what’s been going on. Basically just more work. But I did have another oil change done. I was thinking it was also time to replace the spark plugs, since they’re 100k platinum plugs, but after looking into it, they didn’t need replacing last time until 460k & when Acura Tech Chris Downs pulled them for the compression test, they still looked pretty good. So no plugs needed for now. I’ve been slacking off on getting the most recent service invoices up on here. So lets catch up on that first.

First up is the last of the 400k era…


I was extremely busy around this time, so I went as long as 7,500 miles before the next oil change. It was also time for rear brakes again. We turned the rotors, but they ended up being too thin, So I had to replace them for the first time. So this time in was a little bit spendy. But a dude needs to stop, right?


After another 7,500 miles, it was time for the most recent oil change…

510k-oil-changeWhile it was up in the air, I thought it might be a good idea to check out the undercarriage & see what we could find after half a million miles. Chris Downs was once again performing the maintenance on my car, so I took advantage to get some questions from readers answered from Chris Downs, Acura Master Tech (A.K.A. Beard Sexy). Here’s the video…

Please forgive the quick movements & jerky camera work. This was also done in one take. I didn’t want to keep Chris’s rack occupied any longer longer than I had too. He had 4 or 5 vehicle to work on after mine. So I’m afraid the video (after review) is less than awesome. But I do want to clarify one thing in the video. When I’m talking about not having a rust issue like those back East, I’m referring to body rust. Obviously not the exhaust. I’m sure I’ll get tons of comments on that from people that just found the video online & don’t read my blog.

On a sad note, Part of my favorite stretch of road had recently succumb to fire. The one hour stretch from Idaho City to Lowman on State Hwy 21 has been crawling with Firefighters doing their best to contain the fires. Here are some pics from the area.20160812_160922It was a bunch of small fires spread out all over the place. Which I found quite bizarre. But I’m no fire expert for sure. But the aftermath sure is sad…20160812_161703There were also sections of road stained red from the fire retardant being dropped by the fire planes & helicopters…20160812_161534 Luckily, the fires were just along this one stretch of road. About 15 minutes north of Lowman, things went back to the usual beautiful scenic awesomeness! 20160812_142919

I’ve been getting antsy lately & been thinking of all kinds of things. From getting another car, to a new pet, to even buying a new house. I think I just need a change of pace, or a hobby or something. So I decided to start doing some upgrades & additions to the TSX on the weekends now that I have time for such projects. These will follow in future blogs & videos. I personally am not a fan of people posting cool things that they’ve done to their cars, but not sharing what they got & how. So I’ll be teaching myself some basic video editing so that I’ll be able to share the projects I undertake & how I did them. Unless they’re extremely simple and a brief explanation will do. So look for those in the future.

To end this update, I just wanted to let you know that the TSX is keeping some famous company…arnie-hummer1-2Anybody recognize this Hummer? This particular Hummer’s owner, is the one responsible for giving civilians the opportunity to own these awesome vehicles. It belongs to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was up in the Ketchum, ID area looking at a vehicle at a tow yard in this small & beautiful town. There are actually quite a few celebrities that have homes in this small ski town. Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Tom Hanks, Arnie & more.

I’ve seen this Hummer H1 in pictures before in articles about the Governator. I also know that the owner of this particular tow yard/ mechanic shop & Arnie have been friends for a long time. I was at this same place years ago in the winter & saw a x-mas card with a picture of Arnies entire family on the shelf (you don’t see that every day). So when I pulled into the lot I was almost certain it was his. I knew for sure when I was inside. The keys were sitting on the counter & I turned the tag over, snuck a peek & sure enough, there was the mans name. Pretty cool. It will likely be the closest I ever come to meeting some one that famous. arnie-hummer1-1It sure was a clean ride. I wish I could afford one. But I’d still rather have my ’97 Spa Yellow on Black NSX. I guess I should start polishing my Pennies either way.

Oh, one last thing. The Princesses RDX had another service a little while ago.


She’s since surpassed the 40,000 mark.

dsc06403I’m also happy to report that the RDX has been trouble free so far. She still loves it!

That wraps it up for this update. I hope everyone is doing well out there & Thanks for stopping by!


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The Heeltoe Difference

20160812_143205Some of my long time readers know that I struggle with work load. It can be overwhelming sometimes. People need their cars or property inspected and reports have to be completed so these people can get back to their lives. So I end up working evenings and weekends… a lot! In this line of work, it can be hard to find balance in life. But recently I’ve decided that I’m tired of living to work. So I will only work up to 1 hour extra per weekday above the regular 8-5, & no more working weekends!

The reason I bring this up, is so that my readers know why it sometimes takes weeks to update this blog. Life is hectic & sometimes more than others. But now that I’m taking weekends off, I finally had time to clean the interior of the TSX & Good Gravy, did it need it!20160828_132858I’ve been living in the car again & it showed. The last time I clean the inside was months ago, & I only cleaned the front (Oh the Humanity!) So the back was horrible. Especially considering that no one ever sits back there. To illustrate how rarely anyone is ever in the back seats, I just recently ( a few months ago at Lowe’s) discovered that the rear seats fold down with the turn of the key in the package tray. How sad is that? But on the flip side, even after 11 years, my car still has some surprises for me!

However, when I let the seats down in the Lowe’s parking lot, this is what I found…20160828_143503 20160828_143454I never thought of myself as OCD, but I’ll admit, I had an impulse to march right back into Lowe’s & buy some rags & cleaning supplies right then & there. But it quickly passed and a couple months later, here we are. 20160828_144018A bucket of clean warm water, a plastic brush, a bottle of Simple Green, & 3 hours later, the interior was again squeaky clean. I think next time I’ll take the front seats out & have my brother shampoo the carpet complete. Maybe even take the package tray out and give that a good blast as well. but that’s for another day.

It is now finally time to show you what I got from Heeltoeauto.

After the interior was cleaned up, I was finally able to install it. What is “it”? I bought the Basic OEM Wood Grain Dash Kit. I always liked the way they looked. The “Full” kit seems way too busy for me, as likely most will agree…wd518_lgI appreciate the contrast in the TSX interior. Dark on top & Lite on the bottom, & I wanted to stick with that.

I was a little worried if I would be able to get my hands on one of these kits. They are after all, an 11 year old OEM accessory kit. I looked around online & they are out of stock on just about every site I found. Even on the sites that said they had them, after calling or emailing produced the same results…don’t have them/can’t get them. I even called my local Acura Dealer (which I have a wholesale account with in the parts department) & they said they would be hard pressed to find one for me. But Marcus at Heeltoeauto said he could get one, & he delivered. I even got the kit for less than I would have thru my wholesale account at Acura. I only waited about a week or so before it showed up on my doorstep. I want you to consider that for a second… everywhere else was out of stock, or would need several weeks just to “try” to locate this out of production OEM kit. Heeltoeauto found one, had it shipped to their location, repackaged it, & shipped it to me all within about a week and a half! Needless to say I was impressed. It’s no wonder there’s so much good word on the internet about Marcus & his people at Heeltoeauto from all the Acura/Honda fans.  BOOM! Just like that, They Nailed It!

Since the kit did not come with any instructions, I watched a couple YouTube videos for some tips, & went to work. First it was suggested that I clean the soon to be, covered surface with some rubbing alcohol. Even tho I just cleaned the inside, I did anyways, & I’m glad I did…20160828_154728I went over the area 3 times to be sure everything was up so I would get a nice strong adhesion.  I took my time & did it right the first time. I started with the back doors as no one would ever be back there to criticize any screw ups. I’m pleased as to how it came out. I like the new look. Here are some before & after pics.

Rear Doors…



Front Doors…20160828_15443620160828_165951

Center Console… 20160828_15442420160828_170054

I love the way the kit looks installed. But I’ll admit, the basic kit appears to be unfinished missing this one piece above the shift knob…20160828_170528You’ll notice that the lower cubby door cover has been installed crooked. That’s because The Princess & Little Man came home from errands as I was installing the last few pieces. Luke wanted to sit in the car & watch as I finished up, Which I was fine with. As I was installing the lower cubby door, my right arm was blocking his view & he apparently couldn’t see all the action, so right as I was laying it in place, instead of just leaning forward for a better view, he grabbed my arm to move it out of his way. I tried re-positioning it, but the 2 sided tape had already taken hold enough to where I didn’t want to chance it. I was extremely irritated at the time, but now looking at this picture I can’t help but smile. Luke has once again made his mark on one of my projects. I’m willing to bet that this wont be the last time either. My eye tends to gravitate to this misalignment, but now when ever it does, I’ll think of my son & I can’t help but love that little man.

Many thanks to Heeltoeauto.com for getting this rare kit for me to celebrate the rolling of 500,000 miles. I’ve since decided that for every major milestone henceforth, I’ll be ordering something from Heeltoeauto to celebrate the occasion! The next milestone will be the surpassing of Tyson Hugies Legend Coupe which is currently at 544,457. I may have to get something for Tyson that day as well, for it will be a sad day in Hugieville for sure! But at least he’ll have his new 5 car garage to cry the blues in. Haha…

Next week I’ll be updating maintenance & sharing what happened to my favorite stretch of road recently.

Shout out to Instagram follower xprehnz from British Columbia. Rolling hard in a ’08 TSX & a ’05 RSX. The Silver Bullets!

Thanks for stopping by!


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500,000 Mile Compression & Dyno Test Results


I’ve been so busy with work lately I haven’t had time for anything else. I’ve been trying to update this blog for weeks, with no luck. I still in fact have 2 reports to write up & 3 more I saw today. But it’s Friday night & it’s ME time. At least for now.

So it’s time to share the results from my recent compression test & dyno test on the TSX. We’ll start with the compression test. I’ve never had one done before, which would have been nice for a comparison, but, well….hind sight & all. So I’m told by my tech that for my TSX, optimum compression should be between 170psi (lowest) to 210psi (highest). Here’s the results…compression test

As you can see, Chris, during testing wrote in 175psi for cylinders 1&2, & 180psi for cylinders 3&4. Not bad. He said he was pretty surprised by the outcome of the test.

As for the Dyno test, well, that was also a new experience for me. I’ve never had one done before either. I’ve seen videos like everyone else I’m sure, so I kind of knew what to expect.

First, I had to locate a place to do it. Luckily I found one not to far away.20160722_133335

For a nominal $80, I had her tested. The guys here at Motor Mayhem were great. Jaime was the tech that helped me out with my test. It took him longer to secure the car than it did to actually do the test. 20160722_135539

20160722_140938For those out there that have never done a Dyno test before, it’s actually pretty cool. But if your vehicle is almost 12 years old, with the original drive train that currently has over 500,000 miles on it, add a little terror in the mix as well. So how it goes is that they secure your car over the rollers, hook it up to the computer & establish a baseline. Then they start to drive on the rollers until it hits 3rd gear to 3,000 rpm’s. At this point they hit a button on a remote & at the same time, floor the accelerator until redline. We did several runs & I’ll be honest, it was cool. But watching my car redline over & over was a little scary too. I kept waiting to hear an angry “POP” & weeze. But it never happened. 

The video below is the last (& best) run we did. There was another guy in the background unfortunately doing some grinding, so it’s hard to hear the TSX. But standing right next to it in person, it was still pretty impressive. Even for a stock TSX. Check it out here…

dyno test1

As you can see on the Dyno Test print out above, the TSX is still putting out about 160hp. Which surprised me, as I was only expecting about 150hp. Not awesome numbers, but for my particular circumstances, not to shabby either! I was pleasantly surprised with both tests. She still has it!

It’s not all good news for the Old Girl though, I’ve been seeing an awful lot of this lately…20160715_141908

Sadly, I do believe the NAV has cashed in its chips. I may try getting another used disc to swap out to see if it makes a difference, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve been using GoogleMaps on my phone the last couple weeks & beside draining my cell battery like a bucket with a hole in it, it’s been working pretty well.

Like I said, things have been busy & I’ve been stacking the miles on the TSX. She’s taking it like a champ so far. I’ll update again in a couple weeks when hopefully things slow down a little. I need to post the last few service invoices. 

I also need to update on what I got from HeelToe. That will be coming soon as well!

I hope everyone is doing well out there & staying safe!

Shout out to euro_warmachine_r following me on Instagram from Orlando FL.

Sweet ride Man!DSC04516




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